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Our Story

VITTORIA Fine Jewelry evolved from a talent for designing one-of-a-kind bespoke fine jewelry. Vittoria is a designer with over ten years of design experience and a talent for turning your inherited jewelry into personalized, wearable, modern heirlooms. 

about vittoria

Born to a Greek-American mother and French-Italian father, Vittoria d'Aste-Surcouf spent her formative years in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Hailing from a family with roots steeped in artistic tradition, heraldry, and creativity the art of fine jewelry is a part of her DNA. She sees each design as a culmination of all of these experiences. She gleans design inspiration from the ancient Greeks and Romans but is profoundly affected by the seamless, elegant aesthetic of the French as well as the incomparable blending of colors by the Italians. She recalls falling in love with jewelry at the age of six as she strolled through the gold souks (markets) in Bahrain with her mother and grandmother. Her summers were spent romping through the ruins in Greece and absorbing the gentle colors of France's Loire Valley. 

Vittoria has a background in art history and she often sites the Italian Old Masters as her favorite artistic period. Upon moving to San Francisco, California in 2007, she began an apprenticeship with a master goldsmith from Athens, Greece. With her teacher, she learned the art of making jewelry the slow way. There were no computers involved but instead, models made from silver, lost wax casting, hand-pulled wire, and sheets of gold as well as all pieces being hand-made with care, precision, and patience. The difference between this type of craftsmanship and the "fast" work from today is unparallel. 

All of Vittoria's pieces are hand-crafted in the United States by master craftsmen who honor the tradition of "slow" jewelry. 




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