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The underlying inspiration for each design stems from Vittoria's diverse and international background. The designs are a culmination of travels to distant lands, nature's beauty as well as a rich family legacy heavily rooted in France, Greece, and Italy. Designed elements for each collection are gleaned from each of these experiences. She touches on the strength of ancient Rome, the poetic and craftsman genius of the ancient Greeks, the grace and elegance of the French as well as the Italian's excellence with the color combination. 



GOLD When light hits the surface of gold it shines like the sun.  Renowned for its malleability and ductility, gold is the preferred metal used in all VITTORIA jewelry designs. All of our jewels are made with a custom gold alloy which is fine gold mixed with a measured amount of copper and fine silver. The malleability of gold allows the jewels to meld to the wearer over time.

GEMSTONES Our gemstones are selected by how they "speak to us". We believe that selecting gems is an emotional and instinctual process. The decision is based on that initial reaction when first viewing the gem. Gemstones are nature's masterpieces and we believe in treating them as such by setting them in mountings that only enhance their beauty.   

"Leave no stone unturned." 
                  - Euripedes


Craftsmanship above all else.

At the heart of VITTORIA Fine Jewelry sits a legacy of thousands of years of jewelry making and design. Each piece begins with a carefully crafted and thought-out design that comes from Vittoria's extensive years of designing bespoke fine jewelry. Her knowledge of craftsmanship, influences from ancient cultures, and dedication to the highest quality of materials are in every jewel she creates. 

Each piece is handcrafted locally by jewelers in both San Francisco and New York City using ethically sourced gold.  

Shaping Gold Ring
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