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I have been fortunate to write a column for National Jeweler called Designer's Diary. This is where I share my musings on behind the scenes happenings of an independent fine jewelry designer in 2020. 


Designer's Diary:

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Artist

“Harmony and contrast. All beauty comes from these two things … To know that is the beginning of being an artist.” — Gérard Depardieu playing the role of 17th-century French chef François Vatel in “Vatel”

Well hello there! It’s been a minute since my last column. Like the rest of the world, I too am slowly emerging into this brave new world we all occupy.

It has been a difficult time, to say the least, but out of chaos and calamity can come artistic flow and abundance.

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Designer’s Diary:

My Journey to ‘Sustainable’ Jewelry

These days it seems everyone is going green. However, what does it really mean to be a "sustainable" jeweler? I break down the lingo on this hot topic and offer suggestions on how to become part of the solution.

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It is an honor to write a column for National Jeweler and be a part of this incredibly talented and knowledgeable community.

There are so many other articles to explore! Click the link below to expand your horizons and learn something new today.

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Designer's Diary:

An Appreciation For Craftsmanship

During a quick trip to New York City last November, I was treated to a private tour of the Oscar Heyman fine jewelry showroom and workshop.

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Designer’s Diary:

A Unique, Artistic Approach to Holiday Sales

As the pressure of holiday sales started to descend upon the jewelry world, I began, like every other designer, to plot my holiday plan of attack.

To date, my designs have been purely bespoke and my strength has been working one-on-one with clients, hand-rendering designs for either engagement rings or updated heirloom pieces. This means I start from scratch and hand-render every project that crosses my desk.


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Designer’s Diary:

Re-Inventing a Business After Motherhood

In my first column for National Jeweler, I divulge what the mixture of motherhood and business actually looks like behind the scenes. It's a chaotic and challenging landscape with tons of right and magical experiences.

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