Which is your Engagement Ring Style? ~ A Personal Statement Piece

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I can’t help but think about engagement rings. There are so many choices out there and each style says so much about you and your unique style. Thanks to the evolution of the custom jewelry design process, engagement rings are now highly personalized and geared towards the wearers individualized taste. I’ve selected a few examples below to show you the various options you have when designing or purchasing an engagement ring. There is no “wrong” choice since each is subjective.

Timeless Modern Ring Bling

This ring is simple, straightforward in design and features a perfect balance of big diamonds. Higher in price point but not a design that one will ever get sick of as the decades pass. This ring is comfortable since the larger diamonds do not go all the way down the band. It can technically be considered a “five diamond” ring with each diamond symbolizing the words “I Will Love You Forever”. The diamonds are set in a channel-like setting that allows maximum light to filter through and does not block the diamond’s brilliance. The center round diamond is set high in the setting giving it a stately and regal look. A higher setting also maximizes the light filtering through the diamond giving off maximum scintillation and brilliance.

Heirloom Rings

An untraditional approach to an engagement ring is purchasing an estate ring that does not have a diamond center stone. This estate ring has a beautiful round pearl and is surrounded by old mine-cut diamonds. The two-toned mounting was hand-made in France in 1867 (as per a stamp on the inside of the ring) and is stamped with the French eagle hallmark. A common misconception about quality estate pieces is that they are less expensive than contemporary pieces. The pieces with lower quality diamonds and craftsmanship might be lower but, a diamond is a diamond, and hight quality old mine-cut diamonds command impressive prices. None are as expensive as modern round brilliants but they are not too far behind.

Holy Halos

The halo is still going strong as we enter a new decade. They soared in popularity throughout the last two decades making them known as the trending engagement ring style for the 2000s. Halos are a great option for those wanting to make their center diamond look bigger and it is a less expensive option to adding more “ice” on a ring.

Which style is your favorite? Let me know...I would love to hear from you. Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

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