Travel Jewelry ~ Turning found gemstones into modern heirlooms

My career as a jewelry designer has taken me down some interesting design paths. One of the many aspects of my job that I love is working with customers and designing a special piece that specifically commemorates a travel or a special place in time. Over the years, I have had several customers come to me with gemstones they had picked up in various parts of the world. There was a lovely pendant made from a Tanzanite brought back from a trip to Tanzania, another pendant made from a lovely Ethiopian opal found during a romantic getaway to Santa Fe, New Mexico, pearls from Japan and many more. Each person wanted to turn their treasured find into a keepsake piece to commemorate a special trip they took.

One of my favorite “gemstone travel memory” projects was a collection of three opals, all oval-shaped but different sizes and styles. These three loose opals were picked up by during my client during her trip to Europe. She brought the opals home and commissioned me to create a pendant for her mother, a ring for her grandmother and a small pendant for herself. I was very excited with the final product and wanted to show you these perfect examples of how bringing back a special gemstone will always hold the energy of that sacred time.

Custom opal pendants and ring made in rose gold
Three custom opal pieces made in 18k rose gold.

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