Advice On How To Select The Ideal Round Diamond: 5 Fun Educational Facts

Updated: Jan 19

engagement ring, rose gold, round brilliant diamond solitaire, pave set accent diamonds down the side of the band shank
Round brilliant-cut diamond solitaire engagement ring with pave-set diamonds in 18k rose gold.

For the past thirty years, round-cut diamonds have continued to be the undisputed champions when it comes to preferred diamond shapes for engagement rings. If you are trying to decide on a shape for the center diamond in your engagement ring read on to discover five quick but interesting facts that contribute to the popularity of round diamond cuts. Don't worry, this will not be yet another article about the 4c's but five facts that will help you make an informed and educated decision.

So, diamonds! The modern round brilliant-cut diamond is the reigning queen of diamond shapes!

Let’s take a deeper look into how this queen has kept her undisputed title.

Number 1: Sparkle!

They just sparkle so much! Think of fairy tales where the princess looks into a magic pond and a blinding magical light bounces back towards her. Round diamonds are just like these pools in the sense the light from above enters through the table (top) facet and bounces back towards you in flashes and beautiful displays of color. The standard round diamond has 57 facets which create a virtual hall of mirrors in terms of light bouncing around inside and then out of the diamond.

A perfectly proportioned table is very effective in producing this gorgeous show of light.

GIA, round brilliant cut diamond, ideal cut, symmetry, facets
57 perfectly cut facets show off a round brilliant-cut diamond's perfect symmetry.

Number 2: It’s all about geometry!

For those symmetrical and mathematical minds out there, this diamond shape is for you.

Diamond cutters have been perfecting the faceting and symmetry on the round diamond for over 600 years so, something that has been in the works for that long is bound to be perfect. A brief history: Diamonds were originally cut by hand with rudimentary tools. The older diamonds, also known as Old-mine-cut diamonds are gorgeous but definitely not symmetrical. It wasn’t until 1919 that Marcel Tolkowsky created proportion outlines for what he felt was the perfect diamond cut, now known as the round brilliant diamond. Now today, all diamonds are measured and cut using computers which ensure perfect and symmetrical faceting.

rough diamond crystal mined natural
Rough diamond crystal before being cut into a round brilliant-cut diamond.

Number 3: Round diamonds are not wasteful!

We are going to take a deeper dive into sustainability practices in jewelry and gemstones at a later date. However, I want to point out that round diamonds are the least wasteful during the actual cutting process. Because of the natural shape of a rough diamond crystal, the round diamond is easily cut from the natural shape leaving very little waste from the rough that was extracted from the earth.

Number 4: Classic reigns!

What can I say elegance is tried and true. It is best to stick with elegant simplicity when it comes to a center diamond. Because of their perfect proportions and eye-pleasing shape, round diamonds will always be timeless. They are also very versatile for almost any style of engagement ring.

Number 5: Symbolism

Okay, now we're going to go deep. The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notion of wholeness and original perfection. It is the yin and yang or unity of male and female. It is also the perpetual motion of everything that moves, the planets' journey around the sun (think the circle of the zodiac). Like the number zero, it symbolizes the beginning. You can attribute this to motherhood or the embryo. It’s used in meditation. That constant repetitive motion is soothing and therapeutic. All this symbolism makes it an ideal symbol for a union between two people who love one another.

I hope this has helped give you deeper insight into what makes round diamonds so popular. At the end of the day, I’m not here to tell you which diamond cut is best for you. That is purely a matter of personal opinion. There is no right or wrong. However, my role as a designer and diamond specialist is to educate and guide you through this large process. For you ladies out there, I’m here to help you design your dream ring no matter what the shape or size. And for the guys reading this, I will make you look good and I promise to set you up for engagement ring/proposal success. There are so many diamond options out there but you should not ever be shown a diamond that the specialist would not consider wearing herself.

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Happy diamond hunting!

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