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Updated: Mar 1, 2019

When asked what inspires me as a designer, I can easily launch into vivid and dramatic descriptions of fine art, architectural lines and the endless inspiration delivered from nature, however, I will save that for another day and another blog post. My natural artistic tendencies are, of course, what propel me forward as a designer but what makes the whole experience so fulfilling and a true labor of love is the design and fabrication process as a whole. I’m not just talking about your everyday jewelry fabrication. I am inspired by the type of fabrication that starts with a design idea and where the planning process becomes a collaboration of minds. The creative and the technical joining together...the union of the designer and the maker. This meeting of the minds can only happen with an amazing master goldsmith who approaches the design as an engineer as well as an artist. This type of craftsman is dedicated to his or her craft and devoted to fabricating a sumptuous, artistic and wearable piece of fine jewelry.

Every custom piece starts with a blank canvas and turns into a collaboration between myself, the client, the jeweler, gem dealers and stone setters. I only work with craftsmen who are preserving the old world techniques from Europe. These craftsmen are artists in their own right so we speak the same aesthetic language although slightly different technical one. There is nothing more fulfilling as a designer then having a brainstorming session with one of the kindred spirits and discovering a technical solution to make the piece you are designing even more special. Just like a fine oil painting comes to life, so does a piece of fine jewelry. The painter applies an impasto style of painting with layers of thick, juicy oil paint. So is the same with the master goldsmith who layers each piece with metal thickness and sparkling gemstones to create the wearable collectables of tomorrow. This type of design process is unique to itself and takes time by not following any trend or fashion calendars. These designs are made in the moment for clients who are celebrating milestones. Each piece is a first draft and is loving sculpted through collaboration.

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