Inspiration Behind the Dao Collection ~ A Design Story

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The Dao Collection. Featuring empowering sabre-like amulets fabricated in 18k yellow gold, set with diamonds and engraved with our signature finishing that transforms the metal into spun gold.

An empath by nature and a lover of symbolism and the occult, I was drawn to create a new collection of female empowerment and protection. I wanted to create something that represents the woman’s journey from the naivete of her youth to the confident calm that she develops as she ages. Delving into my mystical treasure box for inspiration, the Two of Swords card from the Minor Arcana tarot deck came to mind and proved to be the inspiration for the Dao Collection, a strong, independent collection of single sabre-inspired pieces encrusted with diamonds and finished with hand-engraved details that make the metal shine like spun gold.

two of swords, tarot, inspiration, minor arcana, reading

The central figure in the Two of Swords card is a female figure who sits blindfolded and calmly balances two swords across her shoulders. A metaphor for the quiet balance a woman bears as she navigates having a career as well as being both a wife and a mother. Behind her is a large body of water and hanging above her is the moon. The woman’s seated position, along with the crescent moon delicately balancing above her head, is reminiscent of the High Priestess sagely sitting presiding over the world. This card represents the characteristic feminine strength of intuition. She relies on this intuition and not the immediate stimuli that surrounds her but looks within when making decisions and taps into her deeper thoughts and feelings. This card is one of meditation and not of action. The woman’s eyes are covered but she is safe, not afraid, and centered. She wields her powerful weapons but they are not held in a position that is threatening to herself or anyone. The moon and the sea above and behind her reinforce her sense of calm meditation.

This collection is one of empowerment and the swords are amulets and reminders of how, when contemplating feminine strength, it is truly a combination of yin and yang.

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