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Choosing art as a full-time vocation has so many blessings, but also a few setbacks. I often find in the pursuit of big dreams that artists can get catty rather than collaborative. It's an ethos that I vow never to embody as part of what keeps this artistic soul nourished is finding others who inspire me with their talent and their dedication.

One ingenue that makes my smile wider is Holly Fowler, a London-based designers whose clothing is emblazoned with deliciously rich gems and pearl-adorned motifs. She paints these masterful visions onto the fabric!

These sparkling motifs are not unlike those seen on Cartier or Bulgari pieces.

Her fabric 'paintings' also immediately reminded me of the sumptuously clad sitters in the masterpieces of the neoclassical portraitist, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. 

Considering my background in art history and my love for opulent jewelry, these walking works of art speak to my heart. Her creations are absolutely genius, timeless and completely devoid of faddishness.

Holly has created luxurious collections for both Browns, in London, and an exclusive one-of-a-kind collection for Bergdorf Goodman, New York. Yet another example of why one-of-a-kind and bespoke pieces (showing the 'hand' of the artist) are so much more enjoyable and collectable than pieces that are mass-produced!! May her works inspire you as much as they have me!

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