Creating Your Modern Heirloom ~ A Bespoke Design Story

I am really a storyteller. Yes, I design bespoke fine jewelry but, through the design of each unique piece, it is your unique story that is being told, The story of your lives up until that very moment. Each piece of custom jewelry tells the story of your past and your present. Your future has yet to be written, but when it is, we will weave the narrative into an exquisite work of art.

The bespoke design process is a really fun one where you can work directly with me to design your own modern heirloom. Most of the time a client will come in with some kind of visual direction but others have none. Either way is fine because we will brainstorm together to come up with the perfect design. Each bespoke piece that is designed means something extremely special to the person that it is being designed for, a talisman or protective amulet of sorts. I have had several pieces that I have enjoyed designing but one of my favorites was a gorgeous Citrine ring in 18k yellow gold with diamonds down the side of the shank (band).

The Citrine had belonged to my client’s mother who had recently passed. The client, a lovely woman from Paris, France, was devastated by the loss of her mother and wanted to commemorate her by resetting the Citrine that she had seen her mother wear everyday as a personal talisman. During our initial consultation, I noticed that the Citrine was heavily abraded, not surprising after daily use over a long period of time. I removed the Citrine from the setting and took it to the local lapidary in San Francisco for re-polishing. The gemstone, which had been deeply scuffed and marked, came back gleaming and glittering and in pristine condition.

The transformation was amazing! We then worked on the perfect mounting that my client felt she would feel comfortable wearing every day. We poured over different inspirational images and I hand-sketched several different iterations for her to view. Once she had decided on a particular iteration, I had the design printed in a 3D wax model for her to try on. I set the loose Citrine into the setting and she was able to put the ring on her hand to get a realistic view of what the final ring would look like. The mounting we decided on was simple, yet substantial so it would be perfect for everyday wear. We bedazzled it with diamonds to give it that extra je ne sais quoi and voila, a modern heirloom, with deep, sentimental family ties, was born.

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