A Serendipitous Recharge~ A Quick Jaunt to New York City

Updated: Jan 19

I recently returned from a weekend trip to New York City. It is funny how energy works because I had been thinking about NYC so much lately and bemoaning the fact that it had been nine years since I had returned to this beloved city. For those of you who don’t know, I lived in New York for six years prior to returning to the San Francisco Bay Area. I always loved the magic of the city and vividly remember moving there as a young twenty-two year old, fresh out of university and still flying high after four months drinking in art in Europe.

Serendipitously I was contacted by the lovely people at Stuller who had read my article on implementing sustainable practices in jewelry design for National Jeweler. As a result, they asked me to come to NYC Jewelry week and speak at a panel they were hosting. The panel was a success and I felt honored to not only be invited but to sit amongst colleagues who were so knowledgeable and dedicated to this cause.

Earlier that day, I was treated to a private tour of the Oscar Heyman offices and workshop. This wonderful jewelry house has been in existence since 1912 in New York City. I was allowed to peek into the archives where hand-painted gouache renderings, dating back to the house’s origins were meticulously organized and filed. I was then led upstairs to view the workshop that occupies the entire top floor. Almost all their pieces are made in-house in that very space. It was truly inspiring as a designer who prides herself on quality and “old-world” craftsmanship to see this type of layout and I began to question the possibility of building this type of legacy in today’s modern world that is so heavily focused on tech.

The rest of the time there was spent making some lovely new friends and visiting old ones as well as savoring several hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I snapped countless pictures of sculptures, paintings, and little random details that sparked jewelry design inspiration for me. I was so thrilled to be back at this museum and fondly refer to it as my “happy place”, my “temple”. Strolling through the beautifully curated galleries used to bring me so much joy and solace during my early twenties living in New York.

As we near Thanksgiving, I wanted to share this story as these are all experiences that I am extremely grateful for. It is important to glean what we can from the events that cross our paths and recharge our batteries when we least expect.

That being said, I want to wish you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday with a reminder that the holidays are a perfect time to share your gratitude for the plentiful basket that life has to offer us.

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