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Designing a custom ring means you get to design your own jewelry to your exact taste and add personal details. You can build an engagement ring, redesign older pieces of jewelry or create something completely new. At VAS Bijoux, we offer a service and create a luxury experience, customized just for you. You will work one-on-one with Vittoria who, as a visionary, artist, engineer and gemologist, can bring your vision to life. 

"Vittoria is a masterful artist, designer and jeweler. The meticulous detail she puts into every piece is astounding. She is probably the best custom fine jewelry designer I've encountered in my 15 years in this business. Trustworthy, personable and honest, she's definitely the one who you want handling your fine jewels."

- Jacqueline S.



 We offer  a 30 minute complimentary design consultation. This consultation is one-on-one with Vittoria to discuss the idea you had in mind  for your custom piece of jewelry. The consultation can be held by phone or video chat. 

Diamond or Gemstone Selection

 Select your center diamond or gemstone through our vast network of suppliers. Our suppliers are vetted to ensure that we only work with vendors adhering to sustainable practices. We are also more than happy to work with your heirloom diamonds or gems.



Design Your Jewelry

 We will hand-render a realistic sketch for you to see three different views for your piece. The drawings are detailed, show multiple views and are to scale.

3D Printed Model

 Before we move into the final fabrication stage we provide a 3D printed model for you to try one. At this time you can make any changes to the design.



Delivery of Your Jewelry

 After you have approved the 3D model, we lovingly hand-craft your piece of jewelry and present you with your modern heirloom. Also included is a certificate of authenticity and an Insurance Replacement Document.


Custom Design

Custom design your next engagement ring, anniversary or push present or redesign an existing heirloom.

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