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The Twin Guardians Ring

Designer's Diary: There are two stories to this ring. The engagement ring was designed with a lovely infinity shank which symbolizes infinite love until the end of time. Several years after their marriage the wife gave birth to twin daughters. Her husband asked to have two new diamond guard rings created to symbolize each daughter.

Ring Notes: The engagement ring is set with a 1.5 carat round brilliant-cut diamond in a platinum infinity mounting. The guard rings are also prong-set with smaller, graduated round brilliant-cut diamonds also in a platinum setting.

The Lulu Anniversary Ring

Designer’s Diary: Lulu and her husband decided to upgrade her engagement ring for their anniversary and she wanted to go big and bold! The center stone was a classic brilliant round-cut diamond and we made it appear even bigger by adding nice size diamonds as the halo. She loved the look of tapered baguettes as well so we found a perfectly matched pair and flanked the side of the ring with them. Next, she wanted to add her husband’s birthstone which was sapphire. These were added under the halo and nestled right over her finger so she would always have a direct view of them.


Ring Notes: This ring is set with a 2.70 carat round, brilliant-cut diamond, surrounded by a round diamond halo with tapered baguettes on the band. The baguettes are also surrounded by a halo and there are peek-a-boo hidden sapphire accents under the halo. The ring is fabricated in Platinum.

Layla Engagement Ring

Designer’s Diary: Layla’s fiance came to me and wanted a ring that was very unusual. He was certain about wanting the center diamond to be an emerald-cut and he knew she wanted a halo. We added a diamond-set infinity band to represent eternal love and framed the center diamond with a diamond halo that looked more like a frame with interesting curves to “frame” their love. The bride is of Middle Eastern decent so we set a hidden blue sapphire on the inside of the band to serve as “protection” as is customary in the culture, think Greek Evil Eye.


Notes: This ring is set with a 1.50 carar emerald-cut diamond, surrounded by a frame-like halo that is also set with round diamonds. The infinity band is also set with diamonds and the mounting is in Platinum.

Aileen Trinity Ring

Designer’s Diary: Aileen and her husband were getting ready to celebrate their anniversary and she wanted to upgrade her original solitaire engagement ring. They wanted to add two more diamonds making the new ring a Trinity ring, a three diamond ring where each diamond represents the couple’s past, present and future. She also wanted the ring covered in diamonds so we added tiny diamonds under each of the larger diamonds and set them halfway down the band.


Notes: This ring is set with a 1.0 carat round brilliant-cut diamond and flanked by two matching 0.5 carat round diamonds. There are bead-set diamonds under each larger diamond and on all sides of the band. The mounting is in Platinum.

Katherine Asscher Diamond

Engagement Ring

Designer’s Diary: Katherine’s fiance was getting ready to propose and wanted a custom ring made. We had our consultation and he selected a lovely Asscher-cut diamond as the center. We designed the solitaire mounting with the same contemporary, straight lines found in horizontal facets of the diamond. Next, he wanted a matching wedding band set with baby Asscher-cut diamonds. This was no small feat since Asscher’s are rarely cut this small. However, we were able to source several perfectly matched diamonds to create the perfect accompanying wedding band.


Notes: This ring is set with a 1.50 carat Asscher-cut diamond in a solitaire platinum mounting. The accompanying wedding band has perfectly calibrated baby Asscher-cut diamonds in a shared prong setting. Both rings are in Platinum.

Sorraya Oval Engagement Ring

Designer’s Diary: Sorraya’s fiance had a lovely oval diamond that he wanted to use for the ring design. He was excited to use an oval diamond but wanted a traditional yet contemporary mounting. It is easy to make oval look very traditional so we opted to set the center diamond in a bezel setting and then surrounded the contemporary look with a more traditional halo. Diamonds were set halfway down the band and we gave a nod to the couple’s Persian roots by hand-making beautiful scroll work under the diamond. Sorraya also loved yellow diamonds but did not want one for everyday wear. We added a secret yellow diamond on the inside of the band. 


Notes: This ring is set with a 1.2 carat oval diamond in a bezel-setting and surrounded by a halo of round diamonds with more diamonds prong-set down the band. The mounting is a cathedral style so that a wedding ring may sit flush with the ring. The mounting is in Platinum.

Old European-cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer’s Diary: This ring was for a second marriage and the diamond being used had been in the bride’s family for over 150 years. While the cutting style of the diamond was very older the bride wanted a contemporary setting. She decided on an inverted split-shank with the bands coming together under the diamond and moving away from each other as they wrapped around the finger. There were also diamond “swags” under the seat of the center diamond. 


Notes: This ring is set with a 2.5 carat European-cut center diamond with an inverted split shank setting. The diamonds on the band are set all the way around the ring and there are small diamonds on the side details, under the center stone as well. The mounting is Platinum.

Josephine Engagement Ring

Designer’s Diary: Josephine “Jo” came to me looking for a traditional yet un-traditional diamond ring. She had a lovely round brilliant-cut diamond that was a family heirloom and wanted it up-cycled to be used in her new engagement ring. She too wanted a contemporary setting and wanted to use colored diamonds down the split-shank band and she did not want the same colored diamonds but wanted them to be different colors. I showed her various diamond combinations that would look nice set into platinum and she decided on the Autumnal color combination that consists of green, brown and champagne colored diamonds. We also added colorless diamonds to a “swag” detail under the center diamond.


Notes: This ring is set with a 2.0 carat brilliant-cut center diamond in an eagle-claw prong setting. The split-shank mounting is prong-set with Autumnal color round diamonds in varying shades of green, brown and champagne. There are small colorless diamonds set underneath the center diamond. The mounting is Platinum.

Cushion-cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer’s Diary: This couple wanted to upgrade her original engagement ring. They purchased a new cushion-cut diamond and added a halo around it. They were going for a more classic look so I prong-set the diamonds in the halo so that the prongs were on the outside of the diamond. I also added diamonds all the way down the shank and diamond details on the side of the ring.


Notes: This ring is set with a 3.50 carat cushion-cut diamond with round, brilliant-cut diamonds set into a halo around the center stone. Diamonds are also set all the way around the shank and on the side details. The mounting is Platinum.


Kexin Engagement Ring

Designer’s Diary: Kexin’s fiance came to me with his grandmother’s diamond watch that dated back to the Edwardian age. Passed down through generations but never worn, this watch was covered with lovely diamonds. At first he was hesitant to take the diamonds out of this family heirloom but upon further consideration he realized that, while the watch was lovely, realistically it would never be worn again. If he used these diamonds he could still pass down some family history to his beloved. I selected the best of the two larger pear-shaped diamonds and then matched the smaller diamonds for the band. We set into a classic and elegant setting that accentuated but did not overpower the diamonds.


Notes: This ring is set with a 0.50 carat pear-shaped center diamond and round diamonds down the band. The mounting is Platinum.

Hayley Engagement Ring

Designer’s Diary: Hayley was looking for a round diamond engagement ring with a delicate halo around it. However, she wanted to have a little something different on the finger view (for the wearer to see). She loved softer curves so we added a “U” shaped detail covered with diamonds. She also loved the color red so we added a secret ruby hidden on the inside of the band.


Notes: This ring is set with a 1.0 carat round brilliant-cut diamond with a delicate diamond halo and diamonds down the shank. There is a “U” shaped detail set with small diamonds and a secret red ruby hidden on the inside of the shank. The mounting in Platinum.

Two-toned Solitaire Engagement Ring

Designer’s Diary: This couple wanted a two-toned solitaire diamond ring. They loved the look of the two metal colors together and wanted to have the flexibility of wearing either white or yellow gold jewelry with the engagement ring. Platinum is the best metal to highlight the brightness of colorless diamonds so I used this for the center stone. Next I added a lovely tapered detail to the cathedral setting of the mounting and created that in 18k yellow gold.


Notes: This ring is set with a 1.0 carat round brilliant-cut diamond in a platinum and yellow gold setting.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring & Diamond Wedding Bands

Designer’s Diary: This couple decided to forgo the traditional diamond ring and opted for a natural pink sapphire with a diamond halo. I surrounded the cushion-cut sapphire with a halo of round, brilliant cut diamonds. They loved the idea of adding a flower detail to the side profile of the ring. I designed a little tulip with delicate, hand-made scroll work and set a diamond inside the tulip. We also set the diamonds down the side of the band. She also wanted matching diamond bands to be worn on either side of the engagement ring.


Notes: This ring is set with a 1.0 carat natural cushion-cut pink sapphire surrounded by a halo of round colorless diamonds. The wedding bands are also set with diamonds. Both mountings are in white gold.

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